What is Global Gathering?

Welcome to Global Gathering Festival! Global Gathering is the major festival in the Romerike region where cultures and traditions from all over the world meet. Turn up to experience music, dance, visual art, different cuisines, workshops, lectures/seminars, and lots more. The last weekend of August, every year, in Jessheim.

Ullensaker is expanding with approximately 1000 inhabitants a year and is among the municipalities with the highest population growth in the country. The new inhabitants of Ullensaker come from many different parts of the world. We all have something to offer to the local community. In a fast-growing society we have a lot to learn from each other, and this is one of the strengths of Ullensaker as a community. Dialogue, exchange and the joy of discovering and experiencing a multitude of new cultural expressions is the focal point in Global Gathering. Through the festival we want to open up segregated milieus in Ullensaker by bringing people together at a meeting point, where international, professional artists are invited to perform side by side with local forces. Ullensaker municipality has a tremendous variety to offer, which you can experience and be part of at the festival.