Everything on the program is open and free for all, except the movie screenings.


Art, films and talks

Be provoked, touched or informed through speeches, seminars and artist conversations with our artist, socially engaged people or exciting lecturers.

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Festival programme

A festival programme filled to the brim with outdoor concerts and performances! Artists from Norway and around the world meet in a staggering programme in the town hall square in Jessheim. Free entry and open to everyone.

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Meet our festival artists in workshops! Free music- and dance-workshops in many different of styles.


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Wednesday, 25. August 2021


Workshop 16:00 - 18:00 in Jasseimr (Blackbox), Ullensaker kulturhus

Workshop with FRIKAR : Day 1

A playful introduction to the rhythm and movement qualities of folk dance in addition to the accompanying and ancient acrobatics that can be traced back 3,000 years in Norway


Art exhibit 17:00 in Galleri Jessheim

Grethe Ljøgodt


Art exhibit 17:00 in Galleri Jessheim

Angelina Li

Angelina Li will present Asia at the Global Gathering exhibition, displaying her paintings and Chinese QiPao, which are beautiful dresses from the time before Mao, as well as folk dresses from Korea and Thailand.


Art exhibit 17:00 in Galleri Jessheim

Miguel Tinizaray

Miguel Tinizaray represents Ecuador and the Andes at the Global Gathering exhibition, with an exhibition of his digital artworks, oil paintings, acrylic paintings and watercolor landscapes. He will also present some textiles from the Andes.


Art exhibit 17:00 in Galleri Jessheim

Elena Oljenikova Olsen

Elena Olson paints on silk, canvas, paper and wall. She uses different techniques, and the image here is on silk fabric, with an abstract motif.


17:00 in Galleri Jessheim

Official opening of the festival

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Workshop 18:00 - 21:00 in Jessheim vgs' rooms for dance, drama and music

Workshop with Celio Carvalho : Day 1

Workshop Brazilian music


Conversation 19:00 at Jessheim public library

Sumaya Jirde Ali and Simon Stranger

Dialogue / conversation


Movie screening 20:00 in Vesong

Code Name: Nagasaki

"CODE NAME: Nagasaki" tells the story of Marius and Fredrik, two young filmmakers who decided to put their skills to the test for a unique challenge: Finding Marius' missing mother.